Human Resource of Class 8

Human Resource

People area nation’s greatest resource. A country may have abundant and varied natural resources such as minerals, water and fertile soil. But it needs people to utilise these resources. Nature's bounty becomes significant only when people when find it useful. It is people with their demands and abilities that turn them into ‘resources'. People are, therefore considered to be the most important resource of a country. This resource is known as Human resource.

Different Types of Method To Measure Population Density

Given below are the different methods of calculating population density:

  1. Arithmetic density: The overall number of inhabitants/ land area (calculated in sq miles or km2).
  2. Agricultural density: The overall agrarian population/area of productive farming land.
  3. Physiological density: The overall population/area of productive farming land.
  4. Urban density: Population peopling a metropolitan region/overall area of metropolitan region.
  5. Residential density: Population inhabiting a metropolitan region/area of housing space.
  6. Ecological optimum: Population density which is backed by the natural reserves.

india population density

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