Resources And Development of Class 10

They can be put into use with the help of existing technical ‘know-how’ but their use has not been started.
e.g.River water can be used for generating hydroelectric power but presently, it is being utilized only to a limited extent.



The process of transformation of things available in an environment involves an interdependent relationship between nature, technology and institutions.

  •  Human beings interact in the nature through technology and create institutions to accelerate their economic development.
  • Human beings themselves are essential components of resource. They transform material into resources and use them.

It is a necessary exercise for the utilization of resource, is not only exploitation but also preservation & reuse.


  • Land has to be cleared of forests or unwanted plants before agriculture.
  • Minerals have to be dugout and smelt before being converted into machinery.
  • Water has to be taken to fields to irrigate lands.

a. Points to be kept in mind while using the natural resources:

  • Renewable resources should not be put to wrong use or polluted.
  • Nonrenewable resources should be used properly & should be preserved for the future generation also.

b. Human beings have used the resources indiscriminately and this has led to the following major problems:

  • Depletion of resources for satisfying the greed of few individuals.
  • Accumulation of resources in few hands, which in turn divided the society into two segments i.e. haves and have not or rich and poor.
  • Indiscriminate exploitation of resources has led to global ecological crises such as, global warming, ozone layer depletion, environmental pollution and land degradation.

c. Sustainable development:
Sustainable economic development means ‘development should take place without damaging the environment, and development in the present should not compromise with the needs of the future generations.’

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