Chemistry Doubts

Chemistry as a subject is equipped with lot of concepts and learning recourses.While preparing chemistry you will be encounter with lots of chemistry doubts which needed to be properly addressed.Chemistry is subject of formulas, reactions and energy.Different approach is required to have good understanding of chemistry.

Academic team of Physics Wallah try to uploaded most commonly asked questions in chemistry. The below mentioned links are the most common chemistry doubts asked by students.

Most Common & Conceptual Doubts of Chemistry

Questions of chemistry Doubts

Right Approach to Solve Chemistry Doubts

Chemistry is all about the study of matter with properties of matter it includes physical and chemical properties of matter. Chemistry is interesting subject because in chemistry both students and learner came to know why and how substances atoms or molecules combine or separate to produce product which is different from the reactant in term of physical and chemical properties.

Students understand chemistry very quickly because of concept used in chemistry is part of everything in our lives.

As we know every think is made up of matter you can take anything (anything that has mass and occupy space is matter) and it includes you as well as the food you take.

Chemistry Doubts

The smallest part of matter or the fundamental part of matter is atom , so in chemistry you understand the properties and structure of such atom and learn how atom combine to form molecules and how such molecules can form different thinks which we use in our daily lives.

Studying about the fundamental particle gives you clear idea about the reactions and energy involve in such reactions.When you are in learning phase of chemistry you will get lots of chemistry doubts solving such doubts in chemistry will help you enhanced your subject’s knowledge.

Strategies to solve Physical Chemistry Doubts

  1. Physical chemistry is subject of concept,formula derivations and application of concepts in numerical.
  2. Physical chemistry required practice and right approach to solve the numerical.
  3. When to read physical chemistry theory and try to build your concept the most important part of this learning is get immediately answer of your physical chemistry doubts.
  4. To clear your physical chemistry doubts and have a solid foundation in chemistry follow the following tips .
  • A. Always start with the mole concept try to find the numerical which clear your concept in mole concept learn how to find mole , equivalent weight and how to balance the reactions.
  • B. Try to make notes and write down all formulas use in mole as well other chapter writing Chemistry Formulas will help you to revise the syllabus and build good base for chemistry numerical.
  • C. After doing mole concept start with atomic structure.Atomic is numerical based chapter and it needed concept clarity.
  • D. Read good theory book. Follow Physics Wallah class 11 and 12 chemistry notes for that .
  • E. Solve the questions based on atomic structure.Read carefully Schrodinger wave equations and understand the quantum number.Remember how to write the quantum number of elements
  • F. Write down use of all four-quantum number ask your doubts on quantum number from your teachers or friends.
  • G. Aasking chemistry doubts will help you to enhance your learning .
  • H. When you are solving questions of physical chemistry it’s an interrelated subjects.Your concepts of mole is used partially in every chapter and chemical kinetics is used in chemical equilibrium and chemical equilibrium concepts used in ionic equilibrium.
  • I. You can’t solve good questions of electrochemistry without the use of ionic equilibrium.One must have very clear concepts in basics of all chapter your chemistry doubts must be addressed carefully.
  • J. The question is how you can solve your physical chemistry doubts ? you must have good text book and good notes , take help from the index mentioned in the back side of physical chemistry.Reading book searching the content in text book to clear your chemistry doubts are the best way to have good foundation in physical chemistry .One must solve NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry.

Strategies to solve organic Chemistry Doubts

Organic Chemistry gives you answer how the reactions take place through mechanism once you understand the mechanism of organic chemistry it will be easy for you to learn chapters of organic chemistry.Don’t go for why the reaction take place else you will be confused in the concepts.

Finding the answer of your organic chemistry doubts are easier task because you will get all most all answers to your questions in text book.There are lots of text book having very good theory which can clear your conceptual part of the subject.

Start with the proper revision of chemical bonding know the geometry of molecules.understand the structure of molecules and then focus on general organic chemistry read inductive effect,hyperconjugation,resonance and how these effects operate and use in chemical reactions.

After doing GOC move to isomerism it very important to understand the optical activity of the compound because you will find use of optical activity in all most all topics and reaction so read the theory try to build solid foundation on it.

Hydrocarbon is the most important chapter of organic chemistry it consist of all most important reaction mechanism like E-1,E-2,E1CB, benzyne mechanism read all these mechanism make your own notes.

Alkyl halide you will again read few important mechanisms like Sn1 and Sn2 Reaction mechanism with the use different chemical reactions. Solving objective questions will help you a lot to build good concept in organic chemistry.One must follow NCERT text book and solve questions of NCERT text book for organic chemistry take help from NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry .

Strategies to solve Inorganic Chemistry Doubts

Inorganic Chemistry is subject of information’s so need good books and good notes to become expert in Inorganic chemistry.Inorganic chemistry doubts can be solved through text books like L.D.Lee which consist of all most all information’s which is required to excel in Inorganic chemistry .

Start Inorganic chemistry with good concept of chemical bonding and periodic table . learn how atomic and ionic radius varies while moving down the group or moving left to right in the periodic table .make notes on S and P block elements.

Alkali metals concepts are used in p block chemistry and you will learn lots of new information’s in this topic.D block chemistry is less comprehensive as compared to p block and interesting too because of coordination compounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to deal with chemistry questions and Chemistry doubts ?

Ans. Write down what you know about that Chemistry question.

  • Read the instructions.
  • See an example of the test.
  • Read each question completely and answer the questions you know. Think about the equation and theory that is going to apply on these questions and then proceed further.
  • Show your work, don't leave any empty spaces.

Q2. How do you study Chemistry and deal with Chemistry doubts ?

Ans. Read the chapter carefully and make your notes. The formulas and equations that you learn about chemistry during your studies are much easier to remember and understand once you write them down. Taking good notes and reviewing those notes will help you determine what you are doing and what you do not understand. Solving and getting answer of your Chemistry doubts is very important. Ask your Chemistry doubts with your teacher and friends try to discuss the concept used in the area where you have Chemistry doubts. 

Q3. Will watching chemistry video lessons be more effective than reading notes and will it be helpful to resolve Chemistry doubts ?

Ans. Well, online learning has its purpose and every student learns by their abilities. Video lessons will support you with visionary clarity in an engaging format. By reading the chapter notes, you can quickly read the important concepts of each chapter for your exam or class test. Sometime while watching the chapters video Chemistry doubts are resolved you need the right video for that .

Q4. Why is revision material important for chemistry?

Ans. Review notes are required to support a theoretical understanding of the subject of chemistry and for exam preparation. If you forgot the chemistry class, you will not be able to understand the ideas of these sessions. With review notes, you'll understand your lost chemistry topics and become capable of giving interesting answers.

Q5. How to learn chemistry easily?

Ans. Refresh your calculations. There will be formulas and equations that you will need to solve to learn chemistry.

  1. Remember the periodic table.
  2. Study all the basic concepts and learn step by step on how to solve problems.
  3. Create flashcards.

Q6. How to score good marks in chemistry?

Ans. Sit in front of your homework every day because it is part of a student's life as it improves memory and develops study habits.

  1. Read all the points and concepts explained in detail and take your notes using these points for review.
  2. Practice important questions, sample papers provided by the Physics Wallah team to score good points on the exam.
  3. Resolving Chemistry doubts is very important in this part.

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