SOF is an Educational Organization popularizing academic competition and assisting the development of competitive spirit among school children.

SOF was established by leading academicians, scientists, and media personalities to promote science, mathematics, computer education, English, General Knowledge, and professional courses. Science Olympiad Foundation has been striving for over two decades to promote scientific attitude and temperament through innovative activities and the use of IT in the learning process that involves school students across the country. 

In the present times, when the world is pivoted on science and IT, it is pertinent to think and plan about the future - a future in which the children of the present shall be the leaders of tomorrow. Regular qualitative and quantitative assessments must be done at the national/international level to build up the scientific and IT talent pool. In this sphere, the role of SOF has been much appreciated over the last many years.

So much so that The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, through The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, and many highly reputed organizations like The British Council, Star Sports, Techfest IIT Bombay-Innovative challenge, IIT Kharagpur & TCS, etc. have volunteered to partner and support SOF's various programs.

Thousands of schooling institutions have lauded SOF's integrity and commitment to its objectives. And millions of students have directly benefited from its educative, informative, and evaluative programs. For the future, SOF has several more innovative programs lined up, which promise to bring about a sea change in the approach to education and preparation for competitive programs. 

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