CIEAT 2020 Syllabus

The syllabus usually contains details of the topics covered in the previous exam papers. CIEAT entrance exam paper will be divided into two parts. Here is the detailed syllabus for CIEAT 2020

Nuclear Physics, Electrostatics, Communication Systems, Atomic Physics, Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics, Current Electricity, Effects of Electric Current, Dual Nature of Radiation And matter–relativity, Semiconductor Devices and their Applications, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current etc.

P – Block Elements, D – Block Elements, F – Block Elements, Atomic Structure, Periodic Classification, P – Block Elements, D – Block Elements, F – Block Elements, Isomerism In Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics – II, Ethers, Hydroxy Derivatives, Carboxylic Acids etc.

Analytical geometry, Applications of matrices and Determinants, Vector Algebra, Complex Numbers, Integral Calculus & its Applications, Differential Calculus – Applications I, Differential Calculus – Applications II, Differential Equations, Discrete mathematics etc.

Microbiology, Applied biology, Environmental science, Theories of evolution, Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Cell biology and genetics, Plant anatomy, Biology in human welfare, Plant physiology, Human physiology, Immunology and etc.


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