NCERT solutions for class 10 social science civics

Civics is an important part of Social Science subject. Students who abstain from nuances of politics and laws associated with it tend to score fewer marks in this examination. In order to negate this issue permanently students, Physics Wallah has come up with NCERT Solutions for class 10 Civics. These solutions are of great help for students appearing for class 10th examinations. The team at Physics Wallah comprises of experts with years of experience.

These NCERT Solutions are created with the sole objective of strengthening the foundation of concepts among students. The complete set NCERT Solutions for class 10 civics has been broken down into various parts. In general, physics is quite easy in terms of questions asked.

NCERT Solutions for class 10 Civics

Why Class 10th Civics is important? 

At Physics Wallah we enforce students to strengthen their concepts. The complete set of solutions has been created in a chapter-wise format. Many time students often miss various important topics while studying. To make sure student don’t miss any of the topics, we have highlighted all the important topics.

Students can attain special guidance for their subjects through these solutions. These solutions also prevent students from deviating through their important topics. Since lass 10th is an important phase of life. Wasting significant time on unnecessary topics. 

Each and every topic of NCERT Solutions for class 10 civics has been prepared by subject experts. Many a time’s students waste their crucial time on understanding complex objects. The team has also provided special paragraphs where difficult and important topics are explained in detail.

The team of experts have already aced various national level competitive examinations. These solutions are prepared not only for class 10th board examinations. Students can also target various national level examinations for after 10th.

How to Study Class 10th Civics effectively?

Since class 10th comprises of a large portion which makes it difficult for students to complete before the examination. These NCERT Solutions for class 10 civics can also be utilised for end time revision. These solutions are your best assistance to score top marks in board examinations. The complete line up of solutions has been made in a very agile and readable manner.

The experts in our team have given the utmost priority to make sure solutions are concise and complete. These NCERT Solutions for class 10 civics has been checked numerous times for any flaws and errors. Physics Wallah has done a detailed analysis of previous years question papers to cream out the most important question for students. 

Why Physics Wallah is best for Class 10th Civics solutions? 

All the important aspects have been considered in making these solutions. The faculties forging these solutions hold significant positions in IIT’s. The holistic approach utilised by Physics Wallah makes these solutions first preference among the toppers. All the important questions and important topics are included in the solution provided by us.

The core belief at Physics Wallah is to “Make Education Available for All” has been reflected in every step of the team. We have provided all the NCERT Solutions for class 10 civics for free on our website. Students can download all the sets with a single click. All that you need to do is sign up with us. Initiate your journey to success with Physics Wallah.

Chapters of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Civics

  • Chapter 1 - Power Sharing 
  • Chapter 2 - Federalism 
  • Chapter 3 - Democracy and Diversity 
  • Chapter 4 - Gender, Religion and Caste 
  • Chapter 5 - Popular Struggles and Movements 
  • Chapter 6 - Political Parties

Key Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Civics

Civics class 10 ncert solutions can help you to find what is the right approach to describe the question which is asked in NCERT text book.If you are planning to take Civics in higher class than it is mandatory to have clear approach and strategies to build a solid foundation for Civics subject and NCERT text book theory can certainly help you a lot with the proper use of NCERT solutions for class 10 social science civics.

Civics as a subject need good quality of notes and important pointer so always make proper notes for class 10 Civics.Make a separate notes for thinks to remember for Civics.Try to write the NCERT text book questions by your own language with your understanding of the chapter don’t jump directly to NCERT solutions for class 10 social science civics.

Why Physics Wallah for Class 10 Civics

Physics Wallah is India’s largest online content website for K-12 for class 10 students we have uploaded detail Class 10 Notes for all subjects like Math , science ,SST, English, History. With these notes you can prepare for Olympiad and it gives you solid foundation for upcoming class and exam.Get more than 45000 objective and subjective questions for class 10 with online chapter wise test and sample papers.

Apart from this get detail syllabus, career options, exam information, previous year papers and many more content. Physics Wallah consist of separate section for class 10 Civics subject which consist of detail notes , theory , important points of Civics , questions based on Civics and chapter wise online test for class 10 Civics .

Physics Wallah consist of additional sample papers of Civics for class 10 apart from NCERT solutions for class 10 social science civics. Academic team of Physics Wallah added additional notes and questions for class 10 civics, class 10 notes for civics is helpful for NTSE exam.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How many chapters are there in civics class 10?

Ans. Followign are the names of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - Power Sharing
  • Chapter 2 - Federalism
  • Chapter 3 - Democracy and Diversity
  • Chapter 4 - Gender, Religion, and Caste.

Q2. Where can I get the Class 10 Social Science Civics NCERT Solutions PDF?

Ans. You can get NCERT Solutions for Social Science Civics PDF from this page using accessible links.

Q3. Which is the best guide for CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

Ans. In Class 10, the subject of social science consists of the following subjects: History, Geography, Political Science or Civics, and Economics. A student must prepare all these subjects for the SST 10th board examination. The weightage of History is the highest.

Q4. How can I effectively use the NCERT Solutions for the Class 10 Political Science to prepare for exams?

Ans. Students need to understand each chapter from the beginning and work on it using NCERT Solutions from Physics Wallah to get high marks in the 10th-grade exam. These solutions are designed with the expertise of professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field.

Picture representations are provided with difficult and necessary questions to help students grasp ideas freely. Regular use of this material can significantly enhance students' confidence and academic performance.

Q5. Which online resource is the most competent for NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Political Science PDF?

Ans. We at Physics Wallah provide answers to all questions in the NCERT Textbook. To get a clear picture of all the topics, students should refer to NCERT Solutions. All responses are carefully constructed by teachers keeping in mind the class 10 students' comprehension skills.

In addition, students can improve their analytical and logical thinking skills by referring to these solutions, which are very important for getting high marks in the Class 10 exams.

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