Modern Physics Questions

About Modern Physics Questions

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, there was a general feeling among physicists that almost all the major laws of physics had already been discovered and all that was remaining to be done was to improve accuracy and "tie up the loose ends".  At this stage there were several serendipitous discoveries- the discovery of radioactivity, sub-atomic particles, X-rays, the wave-like behavior of particles, the mechanism  of propagation of light through complete vacuum, nuclear reactions, the conversion of matter into energy - that led to a complete overhaul of our understanding of physics. All this "new physics" that was discovered in the twentieth century came to be known as Modern Physics.A proper study of physics requires a better understanding of units and dimensions, experimental methods and the estimation of errors & their reduction.A thorough discussion of these aspects and problems has been included in this chapter, as required for JEE and NEET.Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared by Physics Wallah.

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