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Till 8th grade, most of the basics are covered for the various topics and students have a brief idea of all the concepts and topics. To understand each topic briefly and be on top of the class, you must practice well on all topics, including the questions provided in the exercises. Our specialized mentors and trainers with great knowledge of the subjects redesign all the solutions for the 8th grade to help the students to pass with excellent results. Students can get all the discreet answers with examples for all the topics.


Answer to the question the 8th-grade solution is very important for the students as it helps them prepare well for the exams, it has many advantages such as -

  1. The solutions have been redesigned by all experts to ensure that students receive the correct explanations for certain topics.
  2. The solutions are specifically designed to ensure that students will not miss anything and have the best exam preparation.
  3. The question and answer solutions provided are systematically designed and well supported by examples and in-depth descriptions.
  4. Along with the solutions, the important questions are also highlighted and students are provided with real applications on the topics.
  5. The solutions also provide explanations for the lessons and ensure that students understand each concept briefly.


The CBSE Class 8 study material with Entrancei are the best topics for final exam preparation. The material here is available for free in PDF format, to all students. These materials can also be easily downloaded and accessed offline. These topics have been prepared by our experts and experienced teachers, keeping in mind the latest analytical material. The use of these materials will make it easier for students to prepare for exams and score excellently. The core courses offered here are the CBSE Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, English, and Hindi. 8th graders can always use these materials according to their requirements. Evaluation notes will help them look quickly at all the important questions answers, but the solutions will give them the best methods to answer the questions in an easier and faster way. Students can use last year's questionnaires to think up question patterns and practice more questions using sample papers to optimize topics.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to study CBSE class 8?
  1. Students should be familiar with their respective curriculum before starting the exam preparation.
  2. Prepare last year's questionnaires and paper samples regularly so that they can score better on their exams.
  3. Students should have a clear understanding of the concepts and topics taught in their respective classes.
  4. Students must be prepared according to the syllabus mentioned in the respective book.
  5. Study your concepts thoroughly, but make sure you can write what you read.
2. How to solve class 8 exercise questions?
  1. For theoretical topics like Science, the first thing you need to do is read the books carefully. You should get used to reading the manual understanding the concepts.
  2. For arithmetic subjects, such as Mathematics, you should pay attention to the class teachers to understand the concepts. Once you are familiar with the idea, the next thing you need to do is understand how to solve a question.
  3. Now you can go ahead and try to solve all the questions in the book. Make sure you try to solve them individually, without reference to solutions.
  4. Relax when you find out that you answered the questions correctly. Conversely, if you gave the wrong answers, write down the questions and understand how to solve them regarding the solutions.
3. Where can I find free question-answers solutions for 8th-grade

You can find class 8 solutions by listing the direct links on our site. Use them for reference and help in your preparation. You can also get a free Class 8 PDF of all subject question solutions.

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